Available Positions

The mission of the Urban Health Initiative is to improve the health of and decrease disparities among diverse and underserved populations in Atlanta.

UHI is limited by its organizational capacity, therefore we rely on you (our volunteers) to make an impact. All available positions are open to students, faculty, staff, and community members. If you are interested in a project or role not currently listed, please do not hesitate to contact us as we may have other available volunteer openings.

Community Teaching Gardens

POSITION(S): Project Coordinators (2)

GOAL(S): To increase education on nutrition and access to fresh produce in low socioeconomic neighborhoods of Atlanta.

The Community Teaching Gardens include:

  • Young Agricultural-Entrepreneurs
  • Senior Program
  • Summer Community Workshops/Events


Project Coordinator, Community Teaching Garden

The person in this position will be responsible for planning programs (along with the Associate Director and others) for the Community Teaching Garden, located in Northwest Atlanta at the A. D. Williams Park. Also, they will be present 1-2 days/week at the garden to serve as a resource and answer basic gardening questions. Being a "master gardener" is not necessary but having a basic knowledge of gardening is a plus. Having transportation is also recommended, as there is no public transportation that is convenient to this site.

Project Coordinator, Read-to-Me Program

The person in this position will be responsible for coordinating activities for this program, which will include:

1) Choosing a book to read to children, ages K-5th grade, about gardening-related topics and

2) Coming up with a craft or gardening activity to reinforce the learning from the book. Other responsibilities might include soliciting bookstores or publishers for book donations, holding book drives for used books to give to the children, helping to build a small garden on the site. This activity will take place at A.D. Williams Park in NW Atlanta. Having transportation is recommended, as this site is not convenient to public transportation.

 Interprofessional Education Project

POSITION(S): Project Coordinator, Volunteers

GOAL(S): To help with education.


  • PR Website, outreach to EU schools
  • IPE/SKOH Class Teaching Assistant
  • Leadership and Team Building Lead

Grant Writer

POSITION(S): Volunteer

GOAL(S): To help with grant proposals, etc.

ROLE(S):Experienced in grant writing or eager to learn, you will have strong supervision.

Evaluation Coordinator

POSITION(S): Volunteers

GOAL(S): To evaluate current Urban Health Initiative programs, etc.

ROLE(S):Experienced in evaluation or eager to learn, you will have strong supervision.


Support for Pregnant Teens

POSITION(S): Volunteers

GOAL(S): To provide opportunities and community support in maternal and child healthcare, empowerment, career development, and support for women, especially during the pregnancy process.


  • Continue developing Atlanta Doula Connect Labor Support Volunteer Program
  • Continue social marketing campaign for Healthy Pregnancy Spacing with birth professionals, those of reproductive age, and their influencers
  • Partner with Georgia Tech App Development Team for Atlanta Doula Connect


Cancer Detection Canines (Dogs)

POSITION(S): Project Coordinator, Volunteers

GOAL(S): Working with cancer specialists in the Otolaryngology team at Grady, develop the process to send breath samples to a laboratory that has dogs who are trained to sniff out/detect cancer.


  • Help with IRB, develop procedures for breath sample collections.
  • Work with Grady medical professionals on process, develop systems, evaluation for the project.
  • Use creativity in this early cancer detection procedure.

Dental Diversion Project

POSITION(S): Project Coordinator, Volunteers

GOAL(S): To address a lack of access to oral health care for uninsured, under-served population in the Atlanta area.


  • Evaluate current Urban Health Initiative programs, etc.
  • Help reduce the burden of acute dental non-emergency complaints on hospital Emergency Departments by providing access and diverting patients to community-based dental homes for subsidized oral health care.
  • Encourage pregnant women to get dental care and to bring their children and partners for dental care.

Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation

POSITION(S): Volunteers

GOAL(S): To provide Grady Hospital patients, employees, and Atlanta community members with information and advice about the dangers of smoking and vaping.


  • Collect and share information and strategies for tobacco use resistance.
  • Promote success in quitting therapies via smoking cessation classes.
  • Help evaluate success and needs for programs, ongoing.

Medical Education Project

POSITION(S): Volunteers

GOAL(S): To provide holistic health through community, learner, and health professional training on advocacy, social determinates of health, and community engaged learning.

The Medical Education Project is comprised of:

  • Health Career Collaborative
  • Medicine & Society Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Social Medicine Elective
  • Community Learning and Social Medicine Curriculum


  • Engage faculty, School of Medicine students, high school students.
  • Need coordination, planning, information gathering and evaluation.

Safety Manual

POSITION(S): Volunteer

GOAL(S): To develop curriculum for an online course providing students, staff, faculty from Emory and other universities and community partners with helpful information on how to stay safe.


  • Need people who likes IT and course development to update the Safety Manual course on Canvas, pilot test, and implement throughout Emory and other sites.
  • Evaluator skills needed to see how Safety Manual is being received and make quality improvements, e.g., COVID-19, as they appear.

Rolling Suitcase Drive

POSITION(S): Project Coordinator, Volunteers

GOAL(S): To improve the mobility of homeless individuals with limited transportation, by providing rolling suitcases for individuals to carry their possessions.


  • Promote the rolling suitcase drive project to groups who can collect them for homeless women and children
  • Plan activities with groups, businesses, faith community, etc., to have events and plan for delivery of suitcases to the homeless shelter.

Poverty Simulation

POSITION(S): Volunteers

GOAL(S): In 2017, 39.7 million people in the U.S. were living in poverty according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Poverty simulations give participants more insight into the decisions those in poverty must make daily, and the fears and frustrations they feel. By understanding the challenges faced by those in poverty, we have a chance at providing effective solutions for reducing poverty.


  • Unique, eye-opening experience where participants are given a hypothetical poverty simulation challenge to work through as a group.
  • It will include a family, resources, expenses, and unforeseen obstacles to overcome. We have volunteers playing several roles to make this experience as realistic as possible.

Walk with a Doc

POSITION(S): Volunteers, Project Coordinator

GOAL(S): To provide a free, casual walking program for anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle.


  • Promote Walk with a Doc activities to healthcare professionals who are interested in physical activity while sharing healthy ideas.
  • Promote events to community members who would like the opportunity to talk with health care professionals in a casual environment.

Underrepresented Minority Professional Development

POSITION(S): Volunteers

GOAL(S): Build the pipeline of URM health professionals through career development, mentorship, and community building.


  • New programs – creativity needed, great for those considering health career
  • Networking seminars for community MDs, faculty, trainees, students
  • Longitudinal intensive program for Emory faculty
  • Online curriculum for state of GA
  • Community service events connecting URM health professionals/ trainees with community